70th anniversary of business

On 12 June our company celebrated 70th anniversary of business. This special event was a good opportunity for memories and summary long-time history of the company in the invited guest range.


Modern mill in Podłęże

Our company received thanks for cooperation in the scope of execution electrical installations for new complex of mill.


About Us

Elektromontaż Kraków S.A. was founded in 1949 and  is one of the largest  electrical company in the south part of Poland.


Elektromontaż Kraków S.A. has been established as a result of transformation of  government-owned corporation Elektromontaż nr 1 Kraków. Currently, the company operates in PROCHEM S.A. Capital Group.


Elektromontaż Kraków S.A. carries out electrical installations in all types of buildings : industrial constructions, commercial-service, public and every different kind. Our company provides professional and comprehensive services. We  help at each stage of contract implementation. We assist in developing concepts,  finding optimum and profitable solutions. Moreover we offer professional technical consultancy, delivery and installation of devices and LV and MV electrical systems. Our clients needs are our priority, therefore we provide full technical and after warranty service. In the project realization we take care of the highest quality of service provided and ensure safety and environmental protection.


Now, enjoying a history of over 70-years, we gained our own, qualified and experienced staff who complete each work on time and at high standards.

All of these factors present the greatest assets of our company.



30-150 Kraków, Armii Krajowej Street 25
Tel: 12 633 40 44
Fax: 12 633 44 46